IT infrastructure as a service (ITaaS)


Servers, computers, data storage systems – all key infrastructure solutions and systems can now be leased from the cloud. Reliable, secure, affordable. Linux, Windows and everything in between.


In recent years, companies have become increasingly familiar with cloud computing, but many are still afraid of migrating their operations to the cloud, sticking to existing local solutions with their inherent problems. The process of migrating operations and the IT environment to the cloud should therefore be entrusted to experts with extensive experience in such technological ventures.


Cloud computing represents the present and future of computing. Transferring operations to the cloud – in part (hybrid environment) or in full – is practically a must for companies that want to remain competitive in terms of effectiveness and of managing the costs of the IT environment. With the rapid or diversified growth of a company’s business, a local IT environment quickly reveals its limitations – in terms of the capacity of equipment, space and/or IT personnel. For a company, cloud computing also represents a financially very favourable alternative with predictable monthly expenses for IT services, while traditional on-site IT represents a significant financial burden in terms of both equipment and employees.

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